3 Top Mobile Games to Develop Your Mind

Mobile games have developed a lot better in the recent years and gamers have loved them in each category. But mind games are developed faster and gaining popular gaming on the mobile phones. The benefit of having mind games in mobile games is that developers doesn’t you suffer from disease by using mobile phone which can affect your mind. So, having mind games in mobile phones can help in sharping their memory power, problem solving skills and many more. Below are top mobile games to develop your mind.

Mind Games- Brain Training Games

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 The title only suggests mind but this is more creative and incredible to play. Whereas this game application comes with a few free games, but when you try to unlock all of them, then only you will be able to find a library of brain training games which can help you in focusing, exercising your memory power, speed and sequence memorization. This gaming is available in iOS and android version.


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This gaming application have the best user interface. Over here the design of application is very good and has got unique feature games which are very cool and fun to play. So, each game on this application was developed by the team neuroscientists and could bring the combination of gaming and brain together which is well executed strategy from the team. Peak has got some interesting feature call Coach which helps the you find the right workout at the right time. The most interesting factor in this gaming application is that this keep track of your progress and understands better where you have to excel and improve.


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This is most popular brain mind games and has got some good reasons to be on the up. Lumosity have 25 games which can adapt to your performance, creating a custom brain training exercise for your work. This game has a daily training schedule for you on all different types of schedule and you can stick with this which is lot better than other gaming application. Also, Lumosity works with the 40 university researchers around the globe to take cognitive and neuropsychological tasks which can turn them into few fun games.

Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top mobile games to develop your mind. Thanks for reading!

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