Best Outdoor Games for Group of 5


You are never too old to play any outdoor games be it from the classic games like capture the flag or other giant games like yard twister. There is nothing better than playing with your family and friends on a bright sunny day. Most of us spent our childhood playing our favorite outdoor games unlike today’s kids. It’s not only about having fun and all that but these games actually teach you team building, strategizing and ability to make quick and smart decisions. Bigger the number, the better is the game. Here are some of the best outdoor games for a group of five,


Capture the flag

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One of the most classic games is the ‘capture the flag’ game. You basically have to split into two or more teams and hide the respective flags in different places so that the opponent team finds it extremely difficult to find it. The only rule that you must follow is while hiding the flags. You should make sure that at least a part of the flag is visible, so avoid hiding it under a rock or something. The actual game starts when the whistle is blown by the referee (could be anyone- your friend or family member). The teams must try to find the flags without getting caught by the opposite team mates. The one who is caught has to be punished- either by getting hit by a water balloon or as per your team’s choice.


Bocce ball  

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This particular outdoor game is played throughout the world. Each team would need two coloured balls. The player (irrespective of the team) who wants to start the game should toss a small white ball in the yard. After this, the teams take their turns to get their coloured ball closest to the white ball. The question is, how to gain a point or win? Whoever tries to get their coloured ball closest to the white ball gains a point. You can read the rules from the set and even modify them. 


You can play these outdoor games next time when you’re chilling with your family and friends. Do be too adamant about the rules, because it’s all about having fun and bonding with each other.  


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