Best Shoes for Outdoor Games

The feet are probably the most important part of your body when playing outdoor games. Of course, you will need hands as well, but the important point here is that hands rarely require gloves or any accessory of that sort while the feet need the right kind of shoes to play in.

 Long gone are the days where you would just buy a pair of ‘sports shoes’ that would be fit for you to play any game you want. Technology in shoe making has gone so far ahead that shoes, are now tailor made for specific kinds of sport. So, the shoes you may use currently for running may not be a good choice while playing soccer or tennis.

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Running shoes are made for the sole purpose of running and nothing else and that’s what they are great at, running. They must be flexible allowing your foot to bend and flex. Make sure that the shoe is of the right kind to avoid blistering and in some cases, shoe bites. Previously, such shoes had a lot of cushioning, but current ones are far from it. Running shoes now have a minimalistic design with a hard outsole to mimic the natural action of running.


Shoes for basketball need to have a combination of flexibility and sideways support. Such shoes are specifically made for basketball and typically come in many variants depending on your style of playing. Cross trainers, on the other hand are built more sturdily and are stiff, giving more support to the sides.

Football (Soccer)

Soccer shoes are insanely sport specific. It is impossible to use soccer shoes for anything other than soccer. Characterised by elongated spikes and stiff sides, they are made to cope up with the extreme stress that the feet come under while playing the sport, especially when played on hard surfaces like artificial turf.


Typical cricket shoes need to have high grip and come with thin spikes beneath the sole. Cricket is typically played on grass and grip becomes an important factor. Your main strength in the sport is also a key factor when picking the right shoes. If you are a bowler, it is better to pick a shoe with full spikes and additional grip on the sides to cope with the stress while bowling.


Tennis is unique. The sport involves a lot of side to side movement and its necessary to pick the right kind of shoes. It needs to have a lot of grip making sure there are no slip-ups, literally. It is a must for tennis shoes to have a lot of cushioning on its soles. This helps in avoiding unnecessary stress on your feet when you are either serving the ball or running to receive one.

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