Outdoor activities for the older generation


It is indeed difficult for the older generation to play the usual outdoor games with their grand kids. The age factor comes in between and spoils all the fun. Seniors cannot run around the entire playground chasing their grandchildren. Mobility and movement have many health benefits and is very important for all age groups. Here are some of the best outdoor activities for the older generation that can help in maintaining and improving their health,


The older generation will for sure enjoy fishing. This activity allows them to spend some quality time outdoors. This can be turned into a family activity too. Seniors can spend time with their friends and family. All one has to do is find the best fishing spot and take some snacks and fishing equipment and head on with a good company. Planning fishing trips on weekends would be a great thing to do as one can meet new people as well.


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One of the most popular activities for all age groups is gardening. Seniors must consider gardening as a hobby and not as a duty. Planting flowers and vegetables in the yard and tending to them can be a lot of fun for the older lot. Getting all the fresh flowers and vegetables cut that too from one’s own garden can be fulfilling.

Yard games

There are a couple of yard games that can be played by the seniors and they include darts, badminton, volleyball and horseshoes.


Even though golf is considered as a professional sport, it is also a favourite pastime. Majority of the seniors will appreciate this sport as it requires a lot of patience, skill and concentration to play. Seniors can also indulge in other ‘light sports’ like swimming and lawn bowling.


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Walking leisurely can be very useful. It is not a compulsion to exercise everyday. Walking is in fact a type of exercise. Walking around the locality or in the park enables the older lot to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. It will help them to make new friends and adapt to the changes in the neighborhood. It is strongly recommended to have a great company while strolling around.

Apart from these the older citizens can also opt for picnics, garden parties, boat rides, photography and metal detecting activities. These might sound boring to the younger generation but the elderly ones will surely enjoy. Engaging oneself in an outdoor activity is not only good for the body but also for the mind as well.  


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