Pros and Cons of Playing Mobile Games

Gaming is a multimillion-dollar tech industry. Video games are played by millions and sought after by millions more. Gaming giants have always yearned to place the games at your fingertips. Since the age of Nintendo Gameboys decades ago, we have always wanted games that can be played anywhere and devices that can be carried everywhere. The mobile phones progressing at the rate hey are, it was bound to be a reality.

Mobile phones are the most widely used gaming tools or devices­­­­—if they can be called as such—in the world. It was a game creator’s Candyland and the result shows. Thousands of games are played are played in millions of mobile devices giving rise to the now multimillion-dollar Smartphone gaming industry. But what are it effects on the masses, are they all bad as people seem to suggest? Well, not really.


Age becomes only a number

They say age is just a number and nothing can be truer in mobile gaming. Imagine you are in the middle of PUBG and you are schooling the opponent only to realize much later that he is a 70-year-old man with dying vision. Your response, Whoa so cool! It doesn’t really matter if you are 18 or eighty, games are fun either way and bring down the age barrier that would have affected otherwise.

Enhance mental well being

Games can be uplifting. They can change moods and promote mental wellbeing. They can even be uplifting at times. While its no real achievement, they can provide a sense of achievement and help you back on your feet.

Being more social

Online games have become a common sight. Technology has made it so and even if you are the most unsociable being on earth you will still end up having ‘friends’ online. This not only helps you to be more social but also can help cure loneliness.


Effect on health

Extensive mobile gaming can have serious effects on health. Your eyes take a massive beating due to the strain placed on them because of the continuously ogling into the screens of the phone. It can also cause cervical neck issues and harm physical health if you turn into a couch potato with a phone in hand.

Loss of productivity

Mobile games are a huge distraction. This can be both good and bad for you. While distraction is necessary, having a phone at all times can make you go crazy over games harming your productivity. Not a lot can be done if you are always glued to the screen, can it.

Becoming a spendthrift

Mobile games have reached a point where they are also revenue machines. They are dominated by microtransactions and some offering no way around it. The amount may seem like very little, but do a 100 of these and your pocket feels considerably lighter.

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