Pros And Cons Of Playing Mobile Games

Every single invention of science till date has both positive and negative effects. It’s the same with video games. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. The positive side of the mobile gaming is that it improves mental and physical skills, at the same time mobile games consume a lot of everyday time and can make players aggressive.

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In this article we write about all the advantages and disadvantages, positive and negative effects of gaming in everyday life to the people who spend too much time gaming. According to Wikipedia video games can be defined as “electronic game in which one or more people interact, through a command, with a device equipped with video images. This electronic device generally known as platform, it can be a computer, an arcade machine, a console or a portable device as a mobile phone.  Video games today are one of the main industries of art and entertainment.


               It’s been proven in man studies that when we play mobile games daily, one can improve their visual attention and be more efficient in various tasks and also be faster. It also helps to do following up of multiple objectives.

               Mobile games help people with physical and mental problems. Video and mobile games have been used in various rehabilitation centers in order to decrease addiction of the people.

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               Also, mobile games help people to learn various new stuff, as games have different context and are very playful. One can learn difficult stuff easily by playing games and experiencing earning in new form.

               Games also promotes more basic human values such as friendship, solidarity and feeling of belonging in a group. This helps improving family relationships.

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               Everyone needs relaxed time or leisure time in our busy lives. Mobile games come very handy in playing games and stress out.

               Gaming also increases self-esteem and encourages teamwork, and also most gamers are empathetic.


               Believe us when we say this, Games are very addictive. Even though the studies on games could never prove that they can cause addiction, many hardcore gamers have experienced the addictive feeling to keep on playing.

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               There are several aggressive and violent games, which puts certain type of ideology in the players mind which in turn makes them aggressive and violent. Some researchers argue that the effect is temporary.

               Gamers who enjoy playing violent games have a difficult time socializing with other people of their age.

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               Most games show women as a sex symbol and nothing more, this ideology should change. These images of women make the players to think that women will have only certain type of bodies just like in games.

               If one does not have any control on his/her gaming habit, it can definitely affect the personal life in a negative way.

Even though if we talk about so many advantages and disadvantages of mobile gaming, Gaming is one of the best creations of humanity. Playing games is not dangerous but playing excessive games will be. It’s important to have a time note of how long one is playing games.

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