Top 5 Chess Players in the World

Whenever we talk about the best players or the top players in their respective fields, there will be controversies. As the years pass by there will be players who are either better than the current ones or are on the same level. This world has seen many chess players who play exceptionally well but here are the top five,

Magnus Carlsen

His chess career is filled with great achievements. He won his grandmaster title at the age of thirteen. His extraordinary talent has astonished the entire world. He is known as the ‘Mozart of chess’. Magnus is just twenty six years old and he already ranks in the top five chess players list. Carlsen revolutionised chess and showed us that chess must be fought on board and not with a computer. 

Vladimir Kramnik

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There will be never ending debate about Kramnik being the world champion. In 1998, he lost a match against Alexey Shirov but that still didn’t stop him from being the best. He was probably the only player to beat Kasparov in a match and that too without even losing a single game. He is considered to be one of the top five players in the world from the past twenty years. His contributions to the development of the game has been enormous- from his masterpieces to the classical games and not to forget his Berlin defense.  

Viswanathan Anand

In his youth years, Anand could defeat even the strongest grandmasters in like barely ten minutes. He is considered as one of Kramnik’s great rivals. Viswanathan Anand defeated Kramnik and won the title in 2008, but in 2013 he was defeated by none other than Magnus Carlsen. Anand is considered to be a genius and continues to play even today.

Garry Kasparov

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According to the numbers, Garry Kasparov was considered to be the best of the best. His playing style and extraordinary talent mesmerised everyone. No one will ever deny the fact that Kasparov was a brilliant strategist. He even played opposite Karpov and won the title.

Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer was the youngest grandmaster of his time to win the title at the age of fifteen. He was a chess fanatic and had a character of a champion. Fischer defeated Petrosian in the world match and passed through the Interzonal Tournament. It did not stop there, he even beat Boris Spassky. Bobby Fischer had a mysterious personality and he is still considered as the best of all the chess players the world has ever seen.

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