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Gaming in Modern technological world has been ever developing and increasing from past decade. From 2-dimensional arcade games to 3D, Multiplayer, HD, VR games we have come a long way in gaming. Even couple of years back we used to get connected with friends using social media and used to compare each other performance and abilities. That was our past definition about multi player games. Now gaming has evolved a lot from that stage, multiple people can connect to the game server simultaneously no matter which place they are in and play multiplayer gaming all together. Isn’t that fun? In this article we write about the best multiplayer games out there.

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PUBG Mobile:

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PUBG or Player Unknown Battle grounds is a path breaking multiplayer game released two years ago. In this game along with you 99 other players are dropped into an island filled with guns and different loot. The last person standing wins the game with Chicken Dinner. It’s lot of fun to play this amazing game, the developers release new updates regularly with exciting new features.


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Unkilled wasn’t a multiplayer game before, but after the latest update we can play multiplayer in the Unkilled game. It’s basically a zombie hunting game in first person. Right now, there are over 150 different missions and each requires the better performance in order to kill those zombies and move forward. You can also make your own zombie army and attack other players. The graphics and mods of the game are also well developed.

NOVA Legacy:

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NOVA company has released many games before and NOVA Legacy is the latest multiplayer addition to the franchise. From the first version of this game had the option of multi players. There are three modes in the game now, Campaign mode, Special ops and special events. We can customize our character and also play one on one death matches. This game is pretty latest release and has climbing the ladder to become the best out there.


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This is one hell of a game available in almost all the platforms. They even added the option of playing in cross platform. In this game you are dropped in digitally generated random world and you can do what you want in that world. Two modes have been currently released in Minecraft. Survival and Creative, In creative mode the player doesn’t die in survival mode the player can die and can be respawned. This isn’t a free game; we need to purchase and enjoy the game.

Asphalt 9: Legends

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Gameloft has produced lot of games especially racing games in mobile, Xbox and PC platforms. The latest in their installment comes Asphalt 9: Legends, it’s an arcade racing game with various cars to unlock and even play against AI or human multiplayers. Playing this game is very simple with high quality graphics.

There are many more multiplayer games out there, try the games written in this article and also provide feedback about the awesome games we missed.

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