AP Ranking tournament standings


AP Ranking tournaments standings uploaded after 6 tournaments.   Please  go through and for any omissions  / corrections please whatsapp to ( 9346962633). 


AP RANKING TOURNAMENT standings after 5 tournaments updated.  Please  go through and for any omissions  / corrections please whatsapp to ( 9346962633). Still it is found that some of players are making payment to organisors without registering their names for respective  tournaments.  all are reuested to note that Payment itself not the confirmation of their entry unless it is registered and approved by the organisor.  For future such entries will not be entertained. 


Standings after 4 tournaments are updated.  for any ommissions/ corrections  please whatsapp  only ( 9346962633 ).

Please note the following:

Most of the players are creating multiple ids and playing each tournament with seperate id.  We can not match and only one id will be considered.  Please register and play with a unique id.  If you want to change your district/ name/ rating/ etc you can go to your profile and edit your profile.   Multiple id players inform your district associations for removal of extra ids generated by you. 


Progressive standings after 3 tournaments updated. For any  mistakes/ ommissions/ additions please WhatsApp 9346962633 ).  Please note that duplicate ACA registered players has to forego their aggregation. Unique number will only be considered for weightage points. No correspondance in this regard please.


Progressive Ranking list as updated with corrections  can be download now.  It is important to note that weightage points will not be considered if the player do not have valid ACA registration number as on date of tournament.  For the first time the same is considered.  If any player  who was in top-10 of respective tournament is found missing please WhatsApp to (9346962633 ) with the following details in single text message. 1. Name of Player, 2. District, 3. Tournament place, 4. ACA Number, 5. Place obtained 6. Weightage points.  Further any mistakes / corrections found by any one please brought to the notice through WhatsApp 9346962633.  Normal / WhatsApp calls will not be entertained.

Please find the pdf file of AP ranking tournaments progressive score after 2  tournaments  i . E Srikakulam and Nandyal. Any corrections and missing a may be brought to the notice of ACA through WhatsApp  only 9346962633 for rectification. Such rectification will be made after 3rd  tournament.  Please note that those who have no ACA registration will not be given weightage points and also note that such position will be kept vacant. You can approach organiser in this regard. All organisers are already requested not to accept any entry without ACA valid registration. Also you can ask organising districts to place their tournament weightage points to be displayed in their district page. Also u can check in chess results. Any arithmetical mistakes may kindly be brought to the notice through WhatsApp to above number.

with best wishes for future ranking tournaments.

Andhra chess association