U/14 OPEN                : 10-06-2021    TIME 5 PM

U/14 GIRLS               : 10-06-2021    TIME 5 PM

U/12 OPEN                : 12-06-2021    TIME 5 PM

U/12 GIRLS                : 12-06-2021    TIME 5 PM

U/10 OPEN                 :  18-06-2021   TIME 5 PM

U/10 GIRLS                 : 18-06-2021   TIME 5 PM

Note: After the scheduled time widow willbe disabled and in no case the same can not be opened and committee decided not to accept any entry out of the window.  The players list is under public domine.  Players are requested  not to make any phone calls wtih regard to registration after the time mentioned above.

Registration :  All Andhra Pradesh State registered users of apchess.org are eligible and please observe the process of registration:

step 1: Please register your self as user of apchess.org. ( confirmation will be made daily at 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm & 10 pm )

step2: After confirmation player need to go to live tournament in the upper side of the website or link provided in the home page (or  click https://apchess.org/all-events/all  )  .

step3: Select tournament in which you want to participate. There u can go through the prospectus.  If interested u can register by clicking " click for registration"

step4: You need to fill the required details mandatory other wise you can not submit your application. While filling the tournament form you are requested to provide exact " profile name of tornelo " in the online platfarm id portion. other wise your name will not be matched.

step5: It is suggested to make unique name in apchess.org , aicf  & tornelo id to  make easy the registration process.  It is suggested to change tornelo profile name and apchess.org name same as if in all india chess federation.

step6: If your entry is clear of all the above, organisers will confirm you and you can see your name in confirmed entries part. This you can see from livetournament button available in apchess.org

step7: If your entry is in pending part you need to check the remarks against your name provided by the organiser.

step-8.  In the process if you need to edit your profile in apchess.org, you can go to your account and there is edit option. accordingly you can edit your profie.  Once you edited your profile it needs approval of admin and the same will be done in the above mentioned timings daily.

step-9: If you need any further clarification please write in query part in apchess.org, someone will talk to you.

All players are requested to follow the below instructions for getting registered in tornelo.

i) open your account in tornelo platfarm.

ii)confirm mail received from tornelo

iii) then login to tornelo platfarm and click on any one live events

iv) it will ask 4 stage verification  please fill all the details required

v) if a player completes all above, then only his/her profile name will be appeared for organiser to confirm.

If any player facing difficulty in registering in tornelo our Organising team is organising a facilitating sessioand the details will be communicated through watsup group.  

A watsup group will be created incorporating every player who has reigstered in the tournament for respective age group championship

zoom link  schedule of practice tournaments will be informed through the watsup group created.

Good luck and all the best to all players.