AP State Junior Open Online Chess Championship-2021

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Selections for National Online Tournament
Organized by: Andhra Chess Association
Date: 19th July -20th July, 2021
Online Platform: www.tornelo.com



1.Age Limit: Players should be born on or after 1.1.2001
Age Proof: Each participant must produce a valid certificate to prove his/her age. Certificates from School are not valid. Certificates shall be from the Panchayat, Municipality or Corporation obtained soon after birth. Players without date of birth certificates will not be allowed to participate. **The date of birth certificates registered within one year of the birth of the child alone will be recognized and allowed to participate


2. Eligibility: Subject to age limit, all registered users of apchess.org belonging to Andhra Pradesh State are eligible to participate


3.  Entry Fee: Rs. 200/-

 Entry will be accepted strictly online through: www.apchess.org website

Last date of entry:  18th July, 2021 5:00 P.M


Bank details: 

A/c Name: Andhra Chess Association

A/c Number: 015822010000305

IFSC Code: UBIN0901580

Bank: Visakhapatnam


 4. Playing platform: The Virtual playing venue of the championship is located on the online chess server at https://www.tornelo.com.


5.Video Conferencing System: Tournament shall be played under video supervision. We are using Zoom as Video Conferencing System (VCS) during the tournament. Players should log into Zoom with real names.


6. Session: The rate of play shall be 15 minutes with an increment of 10 seconds per move from move number one.


7. Tournament type & System of Play: “Online Chess with supervision” (Part III a) of Fide Online Chess Regulation. The Championship will be played under Fide Online Chess Regulation and the Swiss system. Total Nine rounds shall be played.


 8. Pairing / Results: Pairings will be made by Tornelo and published in apchess.org &  www.chess-results.com


9. Tie Break:  As per the tie-break rules in Tornelo platform.


10. Appeals Committee: Before the commencement of the tournament, a five-member appeals committee shall be formed by the AP. All the members and reserves shall be from different Districts of Andhra Pradesh.  No member of the Committee can vote on a dispute in which a player from his own District is involved and, in such case(s), the reserve member(s) shall take his / her place in the committee.


14. Withdrawal: If any player is absent for any round without intimation to Chief Arbiter through mail aponlinechess@gmail.com , He/ She will be removed for all the remaining rounds without further notice.


15. Interpretation: For interpretation of the rule(s) and deciding any point not covered by the above rules of the tournament, the decision of the Tournament Committee shall be final and binding on all. The Tournament Committee has every right to make any addition or amendment to the rules, without prior notice.


16. AICF Registration of Players: All participants in the State Championship shall be registered with AICF for the year 2021-2022.


17. Pre-move: Pre-move is not permitted and this feature will be turned off from the setting.


18. 50 move rule and 3-fold repetition: 50 move rule and 3-fold repetition rule will be automatically enforced.


19. Overriding Online results:  same as per the National Championship.


20. Playing Device: Only laptop or desktop computer (Only Windows OS will be allowed) are only allowed as playing device. (Mobile phones and tabs are strictly not allowed.)


21. web browser: Google Chrome web browser is highly recommended by the playing platform. Only tabs open in the web browser are for the platform being used i.e. Tornelo


22. Internet connection: Internet connectivity is the player’s responsibility. Please ensure you have a reliable connection which you trust.



23.Webcam: A functioning webcam is mandatory so that arbiters can comfortably see you and your surroundings. Players must be able to scan their playing area using their webcam.


24.Lighting: Adequate and even lighting is required, including on the players’ faces. Natural light can be sufficient but artificial lighting is highly recommended for consistency. Please ensure that you and your surroundings will be visible on camera at all times.


25. Microphone / Speakers: A working microphone & speakers are mandatory. You must be able to hear arbiters. Please make sure speakers are turned on before the start of competition so arbiters can communicate with you. The arbiter may request that you turn up your microphone in order to observe noise originating from your call. Players must comply with this request.


26. Headphones: During play, headphones will not be permitted during the course of play. You may use them before or after the games.


27.Playing area:

a. Your playing area should be clear of all electronic devices except your playing computer.

b. Cell phones and other handheld devices should be out of sight and out of reach. Players may be asked to have their belongings checked by an arbiter.

 c. All applications except for Zoom and web browser (Only Tornelo Website) must have their tasks ended in the task manager and they may not be opened during the course of play.

d. We require that all the notifications / pop-ups be turned off during the time of match.

e. You should be alone in your playing area, ideally in a location with limited foot traffic.

f. Players should be facing a wall in their playing area and are prohibited from directly facing a window or door.

 g. Players should not have a second monitor connected to their playing computer

 h. Players should not have written notes or any reading material in their playing area

 i. The playing area will be checked by proctors and/or arbiters before the round begins. If a player leaves the playing area view, they may be subject to a truncated security check upon returning.

j. Players are not permitted to leave the view of the camera at any time during the run of play. They may not leave the playing area for any reason and must always be visible on camera.


28. Zoom video call:

a. Players must be present in the designated Zoom video call at least One hour before the beginning of first round and will be available throughout the last game of the day. In the event they are late, they will still be subject to a full fair play check at the arbiter’s and proctor’s discretion which may affect their starting clock times.

 b. If players are facing connectivity issues with Zoom, the players should chat immediately on Tornelo with notified arbiter for the purpose

 c. Players may not leave the Zoom call until their games have completed for the day. Once they have completed a round, they will be free to leave the view of the camera until they return for their pre-game fair play checks.

 d. Players may not turn off their cameras until their games have completed for the day.

 e. Players may not disrupt other players or make unnecessary noise during the run of play.

 f. Virtual Zoom background is not permitted. Arbiters should be able to see this taskbar that shows which programs are open. Face view appearance on video call Screen share Players must share their screen and not just the browser. They may also ask to see your computer's Task Manager for confirmation. For task manager, press [ctrl]+[shift]+[esc]




29. Tornelo:

· To avoid mouse slip, turn on move confirmation in Game Preferences setting. Instead of dragging the pieces, click the original square, then click the destination square.


· Do not share your Tornelo password with anyone. Simultaneous multiple connection is not allowed. This will result in fair play violation and immediate loss of the game.


 · Players’ tornelo.com username must match the username that was used during registration. You may not play on a private account or secret account.


· Player shall enter his FIDE ID as entered in Registration form while joining the event in Tornelo Player profile. If player doesn't have FIDE ID, he can put 0. 32. Disconnections


· It is the player’s responsibility to be connected to the playing zone. This includes providing a stable internet connection and a working playing device.


· During a disconnection both players must not leave their places without the permission of the Arbiter.


· An internet disconnection for a duration of 3 minutes or more will be declared loss.


30. Communication:


· Zoom Chat

 · Arbiters chat on Tornelo (Arbiter’s call)


a. Players shall not be permitted to contact anyone during the course of play.


b. Players shall have a direct line of communication to their assigned arbiter during the course of play. This shall be done via the Zoom chat, with the Arbiter clearly identified by “Arbiter” in their Zoom name


c. Players shall notify the Arbiter immediately in the event they are facing a technical issue. If they are unable to contact the arbiter via Zoom due to connectivity issues, they must attempt to reconnect during the round but may not contact via other methods.



 Cards awarded in a Game. Warning:


  1. The following offences may result in a player receiving a yellow card:
  1. An internet disconnection for a duration of 2 minutes or less
  2. Any offence not listed that, in the opinion of the Chief Arbiter, merits the award of a first and final warning
  3. Camera shutoff from Zoom via manual shutoff
  4. Disconnection from Zoom without disconnecting from Tornelo.
  5. An internet disconnection for a duration of over 2 minutes and less than 3 minutes
  6. Disruption of other players/talking
  7. Not sharing their screen on the Zoom call
  8. Any offence requiring a player to be warned for a second time in that game
  9. Any offence not listed that, in the opinion of the Chief Arbiter, merits the award of a yellow card

B. The following offences may result in the player receiving a red card:

 i. Any offence that would result in a player being awarded a second yellow card

Bans and Disqualification:

 a. A player will be banned for their next round if they receive either:  A red card in one game, or . Two yellow cards in two different games

 b. Any serious offence may result in disqualification from the whole tournament, at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

Additional Actions:

 In addition, any violations outlined in this section may be subject to additional fair play screening which may result in the player’s clock running while the screening is taking place.

Fair Play Rules: The fair play measures should be applied in accordance with the FIDE Anti cheating Regulations and FIDE Anti-Cheating Protection Measures. Any fair play violation will be viewed seriously and strict action will be taken to the player which shall be extended to over the board events also.

32. Selection: The top two players from the State will qualify as official entries for the National Online Junior Chess Championship 2021. Selected players normal entry fee will be paid by the Andhra Chess Association.  In case of selected player is normally seeded for national championship, preference will be given as per the standings of the current championship.  Players who have not participated in the AP State Championship in the respective age group will not be recommended for respective National championship even as special entry.



Panel of Arbitration / Technical / Fair Play Committee


 DVSY Sharma, SNA                - 90526 67766

 Uday Kumar Naidu A, SNA       - 77990 30719

         Manikanta Rao, SNA                  - 98484 60137

          Sheik Abdul Nabi, SNA             -    9494427319  
          Shameer Shaik, SNA                 -    8499910314

          Penjarthi Musalaiah, SNA        -    9346407649


           Falguni, SNA                               -    72859 75343
           Aditya E, SNA                              -    9978444127

           Shyam Charan P                         -    8147382759


Rajeev Mandula, SNA              -      92467 76655
Bheema Rao S, SNA                  -      99125 59735

Kishore M, SNA                          -      90632 24466


Kalyan Kumar Y, SNA                -    91823 19488

Ravindra Raju Ch, FI                   -   99481 98809
Sarma KVV, FA                            -   93469 62633